Company Bio

With the creation of Noir Addiction Musik Group, LLC in 2018, the husband and wife duo had an innovative approach to songwriting and music production that allowed them to pave their way through the music industry. Their intention was to be different than what was already mainstream with influences range from Hip Hop/Rap, Trap, R&B, Alternative Rock, Indie Folk, Folk Rock, Pop, Pop Rock, New Wave, Electropop, Kompa, Reggae, and Zouk. 

"We enjoy writing material that not only tells a story, but also makes the listener feel the emotions of the words being portrayed. The quality of the lyrics mean as much as the instruments themselves." - Dejwe 

However, with innovation comes evolution, and NAM Group began transitioning into a media production company by creating digital video content. This transition birthed the opening of a new division called Wrd Adx,  where the power couple became self-published authors and creators of stationery and novelty products on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more. Following these accomplishments, the Wrd Adx Buzz Feed was launched in February 2022 that discusses literary world news and merged with Scoli Girl, a health and lifestyle brand.



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